Doug Menuez was given unprecedented insider access to document Steve Jobs and the greatest innovators of the digital revolution as they invented the technology that changed our world. Now Doug is sharing his rare images and stories from his photo book “Fearless Genius,” in a keynote presentation.

Doug brings observations and insights from his time inside over 70 companies, many of them startups that failed. His photographs reveal the passion, emotion and idealism that fueled the innovations that created millions of jobs worldwide, along with untold wealth. There are relevant takeaways from Fearless Genius we can apply to the challenges and opportunities innovators and entrepreneurs face today.

Themes explored include:
• How super successful companies must “kill their babies” to avoid being disrupted and keep innovating.
• Building the new culture of innovation required for breakthroughs.
• Diversity and why it matters beyond social justice.
• True leadership in the face of impossible odds.
• Creativity, education, sustainability, risk-taking and overcoming failure.

Today a new wave of amazing technology is coming fast – sensors, 3D printing, genomics, nanotech, quantum computing, machine learning, robotics and more, plus the possibility of the singularity. If anything is possible, how can we design the best possible future?

Ultimately, “Fearless Genius” is not about technology but what you’d be willing to give up to accomplish your dreams.




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At EG 8 Doug Menuez discusses his photo journalism work during a time that changed the world forever – the early years of Silicon Valley, with a young Steve Jobs and several other visionaries. Documentary photographer Doug Menuez once stood at the North Pole, crossed the Sahara, had tea with Svetlana Stalin and held a chunk of Einstein’s brain.

Doug Menuez & Fearless Genius at Thomson Reuter’s Insight Wealth Conference, November 2016
Former Apple CEO John Sculley joins Doug Menuez for Q&A following Fearless Genius presentation. Thomson Reuter’s Insight Wealth Conference, November 2016



  • Google X
  • Harvard Business School Club
  • TEDx Beacon Street
  • Product Hunt
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Micron Technology
  • Computer History Museum
  • Hexagon
  • EG Conference
  • McGarry Bowen Advertising
  • Apple
  • Apple University
  • Visa Pour L’Image
  • Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow
  • Palo Alto Institute
  • China Photographic Arts Festival
  • Palm Springs Photo Festival
  • Eddie Adams Workshop
  • MetLife eBusiness
  • DENT the Future Conference
  • University of Konstanz, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Program
  • ASMP
  • Silicon Valley Art Fair
  • Stanford Design School
  • Stanford University Libraries’ Lecture Series
  • PhotoPlus Expo
  • HTC
  • Photoville
  • Mobile Photo Connect Conference


Inc. Magazine Interview with Doug Menuez about 'Fearless Genius' and Steve Jobs.
Inc. Magazine Interview with Doug Menuez about 'Fearless Genius' and Steve Jobs.
Inc. Magazine Interview with Doug Menuez about 'Fearless Genius' and Steve Jobs.
Inc. Magazine Interview with Doug Menuez about 'Fearless Genius' and Steve Jobs.

Inc. Magazine Interview with Doug Menuez about “Fearless Genius” and Steve Jobs

Fortune Magazine: Interview with Doug Menuez
Fortune Magazine: Interview with Doug Menuez

Fortune Magazine: Interview with Doug Menuez




Biography Downloads: FULL BIO | SHORT BIO
Curriculum Vitae: Download

Doug Menuez is an award-winning photographer whose career over 30 years has ranged from photo journalism to commissioned work, personal book projects and documentary film. The driving concern of all his work is to explore and reflect the realities of the human condition. After launching his career as a photojournalist in 1981 at The Washington Post, he became a regular assignment photographer for Time, Newsweek, LIFE, USA Today, Fortune, and many other publications worldwide. Menuez has photographed at the North Pole, crossed the Sahara and explored the Amazon. His subjects have included the Ethiopian famine, the Olympics, and the AIDS crisis. He covered five Super Bowls, five World Series and the 1984 Olympics.

He gained exclusive, unprecedented access to record the rise of Silicon Valley from 1985-2000 and documented the private daily lives of its most brilliant innovators, including three years with Steve Jobs, as well as covering Bill Gates, John Warnock, Carol Bartz, Andy Grove, John Sculley, Bill Joy, and John Doerr during an era when more jobs and wealth were created than at any time in human history. His many portrait assignments range from Hollywood notables such as Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, and Robert Redford, to Mother Teresa and President’s Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. Menuez’ work has won numerous awards over the years and been honored by many organizations, including the Kelly Awards, The AOP London, The Cannes Festival, The One Show, The Art Director’s Club of NY, Photo District News, The Epson Creativity Award, American Photography, NY Photo Festival, Graphis, and Communication Arts. Menuez has been exhibited in solo and group shows worldwide and has also been featured in nine of the bestselling Day in the Life  books, including the cover of A Day in the Life of Africa . His commissioned campaigns for global brands include Chevrolet, Emirates Airlines, GE, Siemens, GE, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Nokia, Samsung, and Microsoft.

About Doug MenuezMenuez’ books include the bestseller, 15 Seconds: The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1989, coproduced with David Elliott Cohen, which generated more than five hundred thousand dollars in relief money for earthquake victims, Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton, Beyond Words Publishing, 1993, Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje al Corazón de México , Waterside Press, 2005 and Transcendent Spirit: The Orphans of Uganda , from Beaufort Books, NY, 2008, with an introduction by Dame Elizabeth Taylor, and has raised over one hundred thousand dollars to date for Ugandan AIDS orphans. Stanford University Library acquired his extensive archive of over 1 million photographs for their collection. His current project, Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution 1985-2000 was published by Simon & Schuster’s Atria imprint and is in production as a film, series, exhibit and non-profit education program. The first exhibition of Fearless Genius  opened in Moscow at the Multimedia Arts Museum Photo biennale in March 2012 and continues to travel worldwide. Menuez is on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Woodstock Center for Photography and divides his time between New York City and the Hudson Valley.


Your presentation at our keynote was inspirational. My approach to work will be different as a result. Sincere thanks for unlocking the fearlessness.
Joseph J. Carino, CFO Hexagon Geospatial
Fantastic talk, Doug. I got chills because the heart of your insightful talk is essentially the core of my story — young people with dreams in their eyes struggling to make a better future against impossible odds.
Louis Rosetto, Co-founder, WIRED
My team is buzzing from your talk and stories and photos – you had a big impact on them.
Meriko Borogove, Apple
It was an absolute pleasure having you – one entrepreneur said your talk was such an inspiration that it had given him the chills!
Hans Hartman, Chair, Mobile Photo Connect conference
I am so thankful you were part of the event. What a great privilege to have you there. Your talk was simply wonderful and insightful. Many people mentioned you were a highlight of the event. And for me as well.
Kate Kubiak, Balderton Capital, London
Wow! What a day! You made the entire thing so incredibly special. The buzz tonight was fantastic. Thanks for everything you did.
John Hollar, Director/CEO Computer History Museum
Your work is stunning, and I am completely astounded by your contribution to the world and photography!
Amy Arbus
How does one photograph genius? The answer is, call on Doug Menuez
Eliott Erwitt
With subtelty and power, the pictures by Doug Menuez prove that a gifted eye can expose the drama that lies beneath the PR-smoothed surface of business.
Owen Edwards, former consulting editor Forbes ASAP, contributing editor, American Photographer


FEARLESS GENIUS is the most unique insight on Steve Jobs never previously revealed. Absolutely fascinating photos and narrative as Steve gave Doug permission to follow him around for 3 years at NeXT. The legend comes alive in this book!
John Sculley, former CEO, Apple Computer
A new collection by Doug Menuez (‘Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000’) includes several images of Jobs at his best, when trying to rebuild his reputation with NeXT following his mid-eighties departure from Apple.
Huffington Post
Mr. Menuez approached his subject as a visual anthropologist, studying a tribe that was developing a new culture and language. It was a culture that worked nonstop.
James Estrin, New York Times Lens Blog
Doug Menuez has once again proven that his camera is in the hands of a grand master and one who witnesses brilliant light where others might only see the gloom of desperation.
David Hume Kennerly, Presidential Photographer & Pulitzer Prize winner
Doug’s images are extraordinary, deeply evocative of an unpicturesque virtual circus, as he has an artist’s ability to suggest the drama and passion beneath the office-park banality.
Kurt Andersen, author & host Studio 360
Doug Menuez spent 15 years in the middle of what many call the golden era of Silicon Valley. Between 1985 and 2000, he had unparalleled access to Steve Jobs, Steve Capps, and 70 other people and companies, including Adobe and NeXT. His amazing archive of images comprise one of the richest records of this seminal moment in American and technological history.
Jakob Schiller, WIRED Magazine
I believe you will be moved by the magnificent photographs by Doug Menuez as much as I have been.
Dame Elizabeth Taylor
These rare pictures reveal an insight into the daily lives of Steve Jobs and other leading innovators during the digital revolution in Silicon Valley in the 1980s that changed the world.
The Daily Mail



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